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WealthTech’s Role in Financial Management: Exploring Expansion

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and increased digitization are changing the ways investors and financial advisors do their work, and as the technology continues to improve, the ways it interacts with the industry will continue to evolve.

The ability to leverage these technologies as they improve and grow will be an important skill for workers in the wealth management industry moving forward, as improved data analytics and a shift in client habits change the way investment decisions are made.

In Episode 28 of Driving Fintech Forward, we’ll dive into the most recent developments in the field of wealthtech, and the current state of the market.

Driving Fintech Forward is hosted by Elena Kozhemyakina of Fintech4Funds, and our guest speakers for this episode are:

  • Mary Agbesanwa, Fintech Growth Lead, Seccl
  • Urs Bolt, FinTech expert and lecturer in Digital Economy & Ccy
  • Stephen Wall, Founder, The Wealth Mosaic

Join the session to explore:

  • How artificial intelligence is shaping the way investment decisions are made
  • The ways data analytics can help improve client and advisor experience
  • The shift to digitization in the wealth management space
  • And more