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FinTech for Investors

Access and guidance through our pool of pre-selected FinTech investment opportunities in a ready state for capital raising. 

Current Investment Opportunities

Find out where you can Invest.

10 reasons how Investors can benefit from F4F

Expert advices based on industry insights

Accurate compass bearing in fintech innovations; crafted for you

Our expertise and background come from working at Hedge Funds and Asset Managers and can be deployed at short notice on an hourly basis.

Detailed insight

Fintech world venues with depth and direction of travel within Fintech incumbents, new players, and up-and-coming technologies.

We provide an accurate compass bearing to match your capital with opportunities efficiently;

Expertise in fintech ecosystems relevant to the buy-side

We follow emerging technology and trends, sector experts and industry predictions, and provide advisory, consulting and project implementation.

We cover:

  • AI & ML

  • asset tokenization

  • back-office infrastructure

  • big data and data analytics

  • blockchain

  • business intelligence & analytics

  • cryptocurrency

  • cybersecurity

  • digital & open banking (incl. BaaS)

  • financial inclusion

  •  financial services transformation

  •  institutional investments (incl. VCs; international transfers; investment banking tech; lending; mobile payments & wallets; personal finance; robotic process automation (RPA); PropTech; RegTech; wealth management.

Startups in a ready state for capital raises

We assist fintech startups in acquiring a ready state for capital raising. FinTech4Funds ensures that startup investment candidates have been carefully screened and quality controlled before we make the introduction to investors.

We make sure that offerors are not just purveyors of the latest buzzwords.

Our selection process looks for companies that capture their propositions’ value and realisable concepts. We groom startups to get prepared to present their proposals effectively, including advising them on their pitch materials;


​An Expert you need, when YOU need it

Our expertise and background come from working at Hedge Funds and Asset Managers and can be deployed at short notice on an hourly basis.

Digital ADOPTION for the Buy-Side

Individual approach

We provide the list of the best investment matches for you based on your investment criteria. Every startup we provide is in a ready state for capital raising, well groomed and following all regulatory requirements.

Proprietary research

The perfect partner to improve your deal flow;
We produce our proprietary research using the investment management due diligence process and the information required to make sensible, responsible decisions that will withstand shareholders and regulatory scrutiny;

Advisory services to start-ups

F4F understands intimately the challenges faced by fintech start-up founders. We provide advisory services to start-ups PRO BONO, charging only an agreed commission on the volume of an investment deal

Ensuring success mindful of ESG

F4F represents global fintech interests from the perspective of a borderless international community. We care deeply about making a compliance-minded impact on the financial sector, ensuring success is delivered, mindful of ESG principles.

Nurturing startups

We help startups to grow, scale up and find their way to the market. So we don’t stop at just helping them to raise funds. We guide them in marketing their products. We are also actively involved in testing their solutions

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