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FinTech intelligence for Fund Managers​

Consulting, Advisory & Market research on FinTech Solutions for buy-side clients

Expert advices based on industry insights

Recommending new System

Based on your specific needs and situation we can recommend you a new System and share the insights on this particular vendor based on other users’ experiences.

We negotiate for you

Upon your choice, we can help negotiate the best terms of the contract and the best price for a particular System Provider.

Improving current System

Changing your current System might not be the best solution for you right now. In that case, we will advise you on alternative ways and industry best practices to improve or fix your challenges.

We share

We will provide you with industry insights into who is offering the best solution for your unique infrastructure and setup.


FinTech intelligence for Fund Managers

Seamless integration

We offer our integration, change and project management skillset at the competitive market rates.

Tailored assistance

You can hire us hourly for ongoing system migration/testing or decommission if your in-house resources are reserved for daily tasks and reporting.

Automating daily tasks and process

We can assist you with any add-hock daily tasks and process automation.

Avoid additional Fund hussle

Recruiting, training & onboarding a new Ops/Compliance person or an Analyst is costly and time-consuming. We are here for you, regardless of your Fund size, even if you are working alone.

​An Expert you need, when YOU need it

Our expertise and background come from working at Hedge Funds and Asset Managers and can be deployed at short notice on an hourly basis.

Digital ADOPTION for the Buy-Side

We know your struggles

FinTech4Funds is a movement born out of decades of working on the buy-side, observing Fund Managers’ struggles with the current market situation, and the burden of the legacy systems not coping with the latest regulatory reporting and requirements. 

Ecosystem for Fund management

FinTech4Funds has been inspired by the FinTech ecosystem and driven by the digital transformation trend disrupting other industries outside of Financial Services and Investment Management. 

FinTech transforming the Banking industry

FinTech reflects and covers any technology, innovation, solution or software that can effectively improve the Financial Services industry. The Sell-side has been working with emerging system providers by collaborating and forming partnerships with them.

Time to accelerate the adoption

The Buy-side has been somewhat slow in the adoption of FinTech Innovations.

FinTech4Funds helps smaller Fund Managers to start their transformation. We will optimize and automate your daily tasks and help you reinvent your fund management processes.

How often do you reassess your current systems setup?

Are you happy with your current order management system (OMS) or portfolio management system (PMS)?

    • Does it fully support all the products and securities you trade and fit your fund strategy?
    • Does it provide you with all the reporting you need to do on a daily/monthly basis?
    • Do you have to report manually by downloading data in XL and send this as an attachment by email?
    • Does it update the prices correctly?
    • Does it reflect your AUM/P&L correctly?
    • Does it provide you with data analytics and data science tools?
    • Has your current Vendor not upgraded your system for a while or perhaps does not provide your Fund with enough support and timely execution of your queries? Do you feel neglected sometimes?

If any of the above sound familiar, get in touch for a no-commitment conversation. Let's talk to discuss your options while we share the intel on how your peers resolved these obstacles.

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