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FinTech4Funds event co-hosted with InvestTech Platform by Deep Knowledge Group in collaboration with FinTech Connector.

Deep Knowledge Group in collaboration with FinTech Connector Connector and  FinTech4Funds, hosted our first mutual event on the 25th of November at Rise, created by Barclays – the Home of FinTech, focused on the First Public Demonstration of the InvestTech Platform. 

The CEO and Founder of FinTech4Funds have presented our Proprietary Research on the latest Innovations for #investmentmanagement Funds. Our in-depth research findings on the State of Fintechs Innovations on the #buyside are available in our blog section on our website. 

⭕For those struggling to connect to Investors, you learned that since the investor environment cooled down in the second half of 2022, the direct approach to eligible investors only works a little. One of the other options is to get a personal introduction. But how can you find that person? How does the InvestTech Platform approach and solve this challenge, and how is it different from other marketplaces? 

⭕If you are looking for #funding and are stuck in the #seedround , InvestTech Platform can offer you that unique launchpad space.

▶️It is insightful and complimentary for startups.

▶️It is also more intuitive, slick, seamless and accommodating than Crunchbase (which provides no contact details for most VC/PE Funds and Business Angels but still charges you £60 a month). 

▶️It is an AI-powered Next Generation #investment Management Technology Platform designed to enhance #fundraising and investment end-to-end processes in the private equity markets, utilising the state-of-the-art #bigdata Analytical System and smart matching tools for investor relations.

If you missed the event, here is a summary of the features:

✔️A clear and transparent investment process
✔️Mitigation of compliance risks
✔️Investing on a deal-by-deal basis
✔️Enhanced risk management
✔️In-depth performance analysis
✔️Alignment with the initial investment vision
✔️Tailored to the needs of investors
✔️Suitable for family offices and angel syndicates

It is precisely what the startup #fintech ecosystem needs right now during challenging times of recession if you are a lean startup.

FinTech4Funds has nurtured many startups from their earliest stage of development and highly recommends the InvestTech Platform as an alternative and more efficient approach for Fundraising.

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It provides you access to private equity fundraising deals and leverages the complete set of tools required to make investments.

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It boosts the network of investors you already have, helps you focus on your growth goals, and receive comprehensive support throughout the fundraising process.