FinTech Innovations for Investment Management Funds (part 2)

September 30, 2023

Our Motto

We understand the fund management industry is too complex for a one-size-fits-all system, so we work with each client to configure our solution to the best fit for their business. Our philosophy is distinctive and unmatched, which is why Limina has been driving change for its clients since 2015.

Limina IMS is the world’s first cloud-native Investment Management Solution (IMS) for institutional investors.

We empower our customers with one seamless solution covering order management, portfolio management, compliance, and real-time risk – all with an intuitive user experience accessible anywhere on any device.
With Limina, you get a agile solution that will keep up with your business needs.

  • Scalable – our multi-asset class coverage ensures new trading strategies may be added without infrastructural changes
  • True cloud solution fully supported within a browser and requiring ZERO software deployment
  • Fast time to market for new functionality and upgrades without any maintenance or change fees
  • Limina IMS is purpose-built to seamlessly cover the whole trade lifecycle
  • Browser-based and can be securely accessed from any device without the need to install software or use VPN or remote desktop solutions.
  • Our 100% API coverage can be used to power third party systems
  • Pre-trade compliance checks seamlessly built into the order flow
  • Customisable soft and hard limits together with trading restrictions
  • Interactive, permissioned and audited workflow for breach management

Informed Decisions

  • Comprehensive real-time* view of your portfolio at your fingertips:
  • Understand your exposures (sectors, regions, FX, interest rate risk)
  • Full view of available cash and upcoming cash movements (cash ladder)
  • Easily slice & dice your portfolio to understand your P&L contribution (strategy, asset classes, sectors, regions)

Everything you need in ONE place

A fully integrated data and innovation platform for Financial Services

Whether you’re looking to consolidate, store & process complex data at huge scale, or whether you simply want to streamline the consolidation of disparate data for MI and analysis, our SaaS data platform can make the process simpler, easier and faster.

  • The low-code data platform that unlocks the return on your investments in innovation
  • From data silos to data mastery with easy & low-code to deliver change

Put data experts in the pilot seat

  • Configure pre-built data connectors to all standard data types (XML, JSON, SQL, flat files etc)
  • Set up ‘chaining’ to pull in secondary data, to validate and enrich primary data source(s)
  • Map simple data, using drag/drop linking and standard data transformers
  • Model bespoke data transformations, using a visual editor that allows non-coders to generate complex logic
  • Model data processing using graphical workflow
  • Consume data via API within any downstream target system (e.g. analytics, reporting)


  • Integrate complex data sources within hours, (instead of weeks)
  • Self-documenting data transformations – transparent and visible to all;
  • Faster investigation of issues
  • Easier maintenance
  • Reduce dependency on internal/outsourced tech teams
  • Faster, lower cost delivery of new reporting requirements and adhoc analysis
  • Single, consistent, scalable platform, built to handle the most complex types of financial data
  • Distributed data store for Operations AND Analytics

    • The consistency and accuracy of a relational database combined with the scalability and performance of ‘big data’ technologies.
    • A single, consistent ‘golden source’ for all your business requirements, with full historical capability and lineage.
  • Scalable, low-code workflow to build applications

    • Workflow offers a fast, agile and transparent means to build applications, enabling close collaboration between Product, BA and development teams.
    • Our low-code workflow engine is unique in being 100% distributed & linearly scalable. That means no limits to the speed or scope of what you can run. And it comes with a visual designer that makes it super easy to use.
  • Complex reporting Super-fast & Scalable

    • Our low-code reporting engine is designed for the complex and computationally demanding requirements of Financial Services.
    • Run reports 1000s of times faster than on a relational DB.
    • Report as fast as you need, when you need it; as with all aspects of Cyoda, our reporting engine is linearly and elastically scalable.

End-to-end, AI-Human collaborative platform for fixed income institutional investors

  • Credit Assist (Launched)

    • Order book build-up
    • Aggregate competitive quotes from brockers
    • Insights on hidden pockets of liquidity
  • Portfolio Assist (Launched)

    • Portfolio construction, rebalancing and optimisation
    • Investment strategy development, testing and monitoring
    • Portfolio-specific trade idea generation
    • Systematic strategies & Backtesting
    • ESG (expected in Q4’21)
  • Trader Assist (Planned 2022)

    • AI-power Credit rating & Spread predictions
    • Investment recommendations
    • Fully automated workflow for credit Analysis
    • 24*7 credit risk monitoring

Milestones achieved:

  • Partnership achieved with SimCorp, Finastra, IHS Markit, MicroSoft
  • On-going trials with 10 clients including JP Morgan, Jupiter Asset Management, MUFG, Barings, Liquidnet.
  • Awarded the Top15 Emerging early-stage start-ups in the UK
  • HMRC advanced SEIS/EIS assurance in place. EIS eligible

a software solution that allows users to quickly access, manipulate, analyze, and output data

  • This can be done in a one-off manner or, more commonly, the process (called a “workflow”) is something people use on a recurring (daily, weekly, monthly) basis.
  • The way Alteryx builds workflows becomes a form of process documentation allowing users to see, collaborate on, support, and enhance the process. Data can be read and written to files, databases, and APIs.
  • Alteryx also comes with functionality that enables predictive analytics and geospatial analysis.

Milestones achieved:

  • Partnership achieved with SimCorp, Finastra, IHS Markit, MicroSoft
  • On-going trials with 10 clients including JP Morgan, Jupiter Asset Management, MUFG, Barings, Liquidnet.
  • Awarded the Top15 Emerging early-stage start-ups in the UK
  • HMRC advanced SEIS/EIS assurance in place. EIS eligible

FCA authorized Financial advisory & well-being platform

New generation online financial adviser

  • A winner of 2020 Innovate UK Smart Grant
  • SantanderX finalist in the category of the most innovative global fintech companies,
  • Presented the product at the Web Summit, received support from BlackRock and EY.
  • In collaboration with the City, University of London developed a next generation AI- driven fully automated financial adviser
  • Revenue 2021 GBP 220k; B2B & B2B2C business model
  • A mix of the traditional and digital elements of the business enables them to smoothly integrate the benefits of automatisation into the advisory process.
  • USD 4.5 million raised for Seed round in 2021.
  • Currently a team of 35 people

24/7 available

through desktop and mobile

Industry is slow in the adoption

  • 47% do not have skill set in house
  • 64% due to the weak understanding
  • 58% due to the lack of business case or no budget
  • 74% lack of trust in new technology

What is next for Fintech on the Buy-side

  • New FinTech ecosystems
  • Ecosystems Partnerships and Collaborations between Incumbents and FinTech
  • VC funding fueling the expansion of FinTech Universe
  • New Generation and new clients’ appetite
  • COVID forcing digital transformation
  • The rice of FinTech in investment management was inevitable

  • Investment managers have increased efficiencies, with dramatic impacts on transactions and trading — leading to greater profitability

  • The increased ease of access for clients and retail investors, firm face the challenge to remain competitive and maintain their profitability

Where to go next for more information?

How FinTech4Funds can help you on your FinTech journey

  • What we are

    FinTech Intelligence company serving as a Bridge between FinTech world and the Fund Management industry

  • For a Fund Manager

    Bringing you the appropriate solutions with care and understanding of your unique infrastructure and set up and integrating into your system

  • For a FinTech

    Consult and Advise on how you can adapt your solution to the Buy-Side clients. We can test, analyze and ultimately promote your product to our niche market clients

Connecting people, organizations, & capital to create the next gen of FinTechs

  • Member Platform

    connects people & organizations with specific business & tech needs

  • Market Place

    where people & organizations find opportunities & create fintechs

  • Crowdfunding Portal

    to vote on, select, 7 finance the next generation of fintech innovation

FinTech Connector

  • Data rich member connection platform
  • Innovation collaboration platform
  • All powered opportunity matching algorithms
  • Investor portal to finance member projects
  • Fintech zone – member curated content
  • Token to reward engagement & buy services
  • Real world hubs to enhance member experience
  • Fintech focused thought leadership events
  • Examples of FinTech solutions
  • Hedge Fund Innovations
  • Investment Banking Technology
  • The Buy-Side
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