FinTech4Funds event co-hosted with InvestTech Platform by Deep Knowledge Group in collaboration with FinTech Connector. Deep Knowledge Group in collaboration with FinTech Connector Connector and  FinTech4Funds, hosted our first mutual event on the 25th of November at Rise, created by Barclays – the Home of FinTech, focused on the First Public Demonstration of the InvestTech Platform.  The CEO and Founder of FinTech4Funds have presented our Proprietary Research on the latest Innovations for #investmentmanagement Funds. Our in-depth research findings on the State of Fintechs Innovations on the #buyside are available in our blog section on our website.  ⭕For those struggling to connect to Investors, you learned that since the investor environment cooled down in the second half of 2022, the direct approach to eligible investors only works a little. One of the other options is to get a personal introduction. But how can you find that person? How does the InvestTech Platform approach and solve this challenge, and how is it different from other marketplaces? 

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