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Fintech Innovations have been ubiquitous and disruptive for the financial services industry and traditional banking institutions but what about the Buy-Side? 

A large number of Fund Managers still think that outsourcing everything is a viable business model. And those that decide to manage part of their processes internally are still doing it manually using legacy systems.

Simply put – it is complicated especially for smaller buy-side organizations. They have been slow in the adoption of the latest FinTech Innovations.

We think there is a better way. So if you are frustrated with your current systems set up – we are here for you. 


Fintech4Funds is a bridge between 2 worlds - FinTech and the Buy-Side Industry. We are focused on bringing Fintech Intelligence, Development, and Deployment into your environment.

We have studied the market and collected the expertise and best practices from various Investment and Fund Managers, Hedge Funds, and other Buy-Side firms.

Having worked within the industry we know your pain, daily routine and typical Fund issues, including the latest compliance hurdles. 

That is why we are confident that using our services we can improve your workflow, reduce the costs of running daily operations, eliminate errors, and create the environment where you can get fully focused on money management and fulfilling your investors’ needs.


Our mission is to help the Fund Management Industry partner, collaborate and adopt FinTech Innovations faster and more effectively.

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